Visan Madalina

Visan Madalina




Name: Visan Daniela Madalina
Place of birth : Bucharest
Affiliation : Institute of Geodynamics of the Romanian Academy
Position: Research Scientist, Electromagnetism and Dynamics of Lithosphere Departament

1995 – High school – Matei Basarab, Bucharest.
Oct. 1995 – iulie 1999 – Faculty of Geology and Geophysics – Geology Department, University of Bucharest, Romania;
Diploma project: Geological and mineralogical study of the Borzas mine – Sasar, Baia Mare.
Post Graduate Studies:
– 2000-2002 – Geology Department, University of Bucharest, Romania – ”Geodynamic evolution of neogene volcanism and metalogenesis in Metaliferi Mounts (Bucium – Frasin area)”.

2013 – PhD – Paleomagnetic investigations in the area of East Carpathians neogene volcanism

Oct. 2000 – European Workshop in Analysis of Microfabrics in Geomaterials, Technical University of Munich, Germany.

2000 – Research assistant, the Institute of Geodynamics of the Romanian Academy
2001 – july 2019 – Scientific researcher and web administrator of the Internet Web site www. (Institute of Geodynamics of the Romanian Academy).

August 2019 – present – ANRM (senior advisor).

– Paleomagnetism – paleomagnetic study of Neogene volcanic rocks in the Eastern Carpathians: geomagnetic and geodynamic implications.
– Electromagnetism and Dynamics of Lithosphere

Multimedia Activity:
Web administrator of the Internet Web site www.
Poster design, Logo design, Print design
Web Designer Certificate – Swiss Web Academy
Computer abilities – Office aplications (Microsoft Office, Microsoft Works, Internet, Excel); scientist aplications (Surfer and Grapher, Matlab); web (Dreamwever, Bryce, 3dMax, Flash, Fireworks, Corel, Adobe Photoshop)



The Space-Time Distribution of Moderate- and Large-Magnitude Vrancea Earthquakes Fits Numerically-Predicted Stress Patterns (2018). Anghelache M. A., Horia Mitrofan, Chitea, F., Damian, A., Vişan M., Cadicheanu, N. Seismic Hazard and Risk Assessment pp 39-51 (Part of the Springer Natural Hazards ) Impact factor: 2.06

Better constraining silica-enthalpy mixing models in a setting of two separate (karst and non-karst) dilution regimes (2018).  Horia Mitrofan, Constantin Marin, Ioan Povară, Madalina Visan. Hydrogeology Journal  DOI: 10.1007/s10040-018-1846-7.  Impact factor: 2.071

Palaeomagnetism of the Upper Miocene- Lower Pliocene lavas from the East Carpathians: contribution to the paleosecular variation of geomagnetic field.  Vişan M., Panaiotu C. G., Necula C., Dumitru A. Nature – Scientific Reports 6, Article number: 23411 (2016doi:10.1038/srep23411Impact factor: 5.47

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Palaeomagnetism of the South Harghita volcanic rocks of the East Carpathians: implications for tectonic rotations and palaeosecular variation in the past 5Ma Panaiotu,  C.G.,  Visan, M.,  Tugui, A., Seghedi, I., Panaiotu, A. G. Geophysical Journal International(2012) doi: 10.1111/j.1365-246X.2012.05394. (pdf). Impact factor: 2.777


Chapter – Cernei Mountains: Caves Conveying Geothermal Fluids at Băile Herculane. Ioan Povară, Horia Mitrofan, Bogdan P. Onac, Constantin Marin, Eugen Niţu, Daniela Ioniţă, Alin Tudorache, and Mădălina Vişan  2019, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-90747-5_25. In book: Cave and Karst Systems of Romania.

Fluctuations in plates-coupling strength suggested by episodic triggering of shallow earthquakes at the Carpathians Bend Mitrofan, H.,Anghelache, M.A.,Visan, M.,Chitea, F. 2015. 8th Congress of the Balkan Geophysical Society, BGS 2015.


– Paleomagnetic constraints for the timing of volcanism from the South Gurghiu and Harghita Mountains, 2014. Visan M, Panaiotu C,  Seghedi I, Revue Roumaine de Geophysique Tome 56–57, 2012–2013. (pdf)

Paleomagnetic study of the miocene volcanism in the southern part of the Gurghiu Mountains (Eastern Carpathians). Barbu, M., Faur, L., Visan, M., Society of Petroleum Engineers – 73rd European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers Conference and Exhibition 2011 -Incorporating SPE EUROPEC 201, Volume 7, 2011, Pages 5528-5530. (pdf)

– Berbeleac I., Radulescu V., Iatan E. L., Visan M. “Relationships between crustal faults, shallow magmatic chamber and Neogene porphyry Cu-Au systems at Voia, Metaliferi Mts., Romania” 2012 Romanian Journal of Mineral Deposits, ISSN 1220-5648, VOL. 85, No. 1.,Institutul Geologic al României, Bucuresti

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4 th International Volcano Geology Workshop, Eastern Transylvania, Romania October 8-14, 2017. Correlation of paleomagnetic data and radiometric dating along the Miocene – Quaternary volcanic range of the East Carpathians. Vişan M.,  Panaiotu C. G.,  Seghedi I., Mirea V.

6th National Conference on Earthquake Engineering and 2nd National Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology Bucharest, Romania, June 14-16, 2017. The space-time distribution of moderate and large-magnitude Vrancea earthquakes fits numerically-predicted stress patterns.  Anghelache M.-A., Mitrofan H., Chitea F., Damian A., Vişan M., Cadicheanu N.

Ioane D., Diacopolos C., Stochici R., Visan M., Dinescu R., Bercar V. Geophysical detection of buried foundations in urban areas

EGU 2016 – 1681  – Geomagnetic imprint of the Persani volcanism Besutiu L., Seghedi I., Zlagnean L., Atanasiu L., Popa  R. G., Pomeran M.,  Visan M. (pdf)

THE ANNUAL SCIENTIFIC SESSION OF THE INSTITUTE OF GEODYNAMICS (April 5–7, 2016). Peculiarities of the crustal seismic activity along the contact between the Moesian and East European plates Anghelache M. A., Mitrofan H., Vişan M., Chitea Fl.

EGU 2015 – 4633 – Paleomagnetism of the Upper Miocene volcanic rocks from the East Carpathians (Gurghiu Mountains, Romania) Panaiotu C., Visan, M., Necula C., Dumitru A., Strachinaru A., Panaiotu A., Dimofte D., and Seghedi I. (abstract)

IUGG 2015 General Assembly Geomagnetic patterns along the Neogene to Quaternary volcanism of East Carpathians – L. Besutiu, I. Seghedi, L. Zlagnean, L. Atanasiu, M. Pomeran, M. Visan  (Abstract: IUGG-0632 – 2015)

8th Congress of the Balkan Geophysical Society, Session: Seismology & Lithosphere I  (05 October 2015) – Fluctuations in Plates-coupling Strength Suggested by Episodic Triggering of Shallow Earthquakes at the Carpathians Bend. H. Mitrofan, M.A. Anghelache, M. Visan and F. Chitea

Simposium Geo 2015 – Chloride groundwater discharges out of Ciomadul volcano (Romania): Possible evidence for several distinct deep-reservoirs saturated with high-temperature fluids

XX Congress of the Carpathian Balkan Geological AssociationTirana, Albania, 24-26 September 2014 Paleomagnetic constraints for the timing of volcanism from the Gurghiu, Harghita and Persani Mountains (East Carpathians) – Panaiotu C., Visan, M., and Seghedi (pdf)

XX Congress of the Carpathian Balkan Geological Association Tirana, Albania, 24-26 September 2014 – “Investigation of explosive volcanic structures by combined geological and geophysical surveys of Na-alkalic basaltic field in the Perşani Mts., Romania” by Seghedi I., Beşutiu L.,Popa R.-G., Szakács A., Atanasiu L., Vişan M.”, SpecialIssue vol.1, p 248. 

14th Castle Meeting – NEW TRENDS ON PALEO, ROCK AND ENVIRONMENTAL MAGNETISM (31st of August to 6th of September 2014) – Paleosecular variation in the last 6 Ma recorded by lava flows from the East Carpathians (Romania) – Panaiotu C., Visan, M., Necula C.  (pdf)

Al noulea Simpozion International de Geologie Economica Data: 30/05/2014-31/05/2014
Berbeleac I., Udubasa S., Iatan E., L., Visan M. – Geological and structural contraints on the localization of neogene porphyry-epithermal related Cu-Au (Mo), and epigenetic hydrothermal deposits/prospects from South Apuseni Mountains, Romania.

THE ANNUAL SCIENTIFIC SESSION OF THE INSTITUTE OF GEODYNAMICS (January 9–10, 2014) – “The role of preexisting geologic architecture in the formation of Neogene porphyry-related Cu–Au (Mo), gold and goldbearing mineralizations from Voia Metaliferi Mountains: Examples from South Apuseni Mountains, Romania”, Berbeleac I., Visan M., Iatan E., L.

NATIONAL SCIENTIFIC SYMPOSIUM GEO 2013 -Bucharest, May 20, ”Palaeomagnetic study of some Neogene magmatic rocks from the Gurghiu and Harghita Mountains (Romania)”, Visan M., Panaiotu C.

73rd EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2011, Vienna, Austria – ”Paleomagnetic Study of the Miocene Volcanism in the Southern Part of the Gurghiu Mountains (Eastern Carpathians)”  Barbu M., Visan M., Panaiotu C., Luchiana F. (pdf)


1st International Symposium of Geology and Geophysics Students – 22-24 april 2010: ”New paleomagnetic results from the South Harghita volcanic area (Romania)” Visan M, Merezeanu T., Panaiotu A., Panaiotu C. (pdf)

1st International Symposium of Geology and Geophysics Students 22-24 april 2010: ”Noi date paleomagnetice din partea de est a zonei vulcanice Harghita de Nord” Ienulescu T. A., Trandafir G. T., Visan M. (pdf)


Program PN-II-“IDEI” PCE-2012-4-0137 -Contract no. 9/30.08.2013 – „Integrated study of the post-collisional miocene-quaternary volcanic forms in the East Carpathians using geological and geophysical constraints”;

Program PN II – “IDEI” Contract no. 93/5.10.2011 – “The geomagnetic field under the heliospheric forcing. Inferring Earth internal structure and evaluating geophysical hazard of solar-eruptive phenomena” – Co-worker;

Program PN II – “HUMAN RESOURCES” Contract no. 21/5.10.2011 “Solar and geomagnetic activity and their influences on the terrestrial environment. Case study – climate”; – Co-worker;

Program PN II- TEMERISC Contract: 31-018/18.09.2007-2010 – ”Inovative techniques and methodologies to evaluate the natural risk hazard (earthquakes and landslides)”  (; Co-worker;

Program PNCDI – II PARTENERIATE2007-2010 – “Long-term variability of the geomagnmetic field in relation with physical processes in the heliosphere” – (; Co-worker;

Program PROTORV-2004-2006 – Fundamentarea unei noi ipoteze privind relatia dintre procesul de torsiune al ”slab-ului” vrâncean si evolutia segmentului sud-vestic al Platformei Est-Europene, cu implicatii în producerea evenimentelor seismice –  Co-worker;

2006 – ”Studiul campului magnetic terestru tranzitoriu in ultimele sase cicluri solare pe baza informatiilor achizitionate cu prioritate pe teritoriul Romaniei si stocate pe support numeric (implicatii in  fenomene geodinamice, procese seismogenetice, influente asupra mediului ambiental)” – Co-worker;

2003 – ”Studii complexe geologice-geofizice privind geodinamica, metalogeneza si structura adanca a Muntilor Apuseni de Sud. – Structura adanca a regiunii Corna-Rosia Montana, Muntii Metaliferi ”- Co-worker;

2002 – ”Elaborarea metodologiei de amplasare optima a unor senzori capabili sa puna in evidenta fenomenele legate cauzal de cumularea/declansarea tensiunilor in zone seismogene, cu privire speciala asupra zonei Vrancea” (prelucrarea datelor primare) – Co-worker;

2001 – ”Studiul geologic si morfologic privind amplasarea unui observator de referinta destinat urmaririi dezastrelor naturale” – Co-worker;

2000 – The European Mission of Geodynamics – participant;