In the framework of the Institute, activities are performed by work groups directing their efforts to:
* The study of space-time evolution of the relative displacements between blocks which are in contact in the Vrancea geodynamically active area, with a special concern for the Tulnici-Gresu profile;
* The design of the methodology for an optimal emplacement of sensors able to highlight physical parameters causally linked to stress cumulating/ triggering in geodinamically active areas;
* The study of geomagnetic, gravity and geothermal fields space-time evolution; implications in Geodynamics;
* The study of possibilities to use information provided by the natural variations of the electromagnetic field, for a better knowledge of the tectonic blocks geometry, concerning especially certain geodynamically active areas;
* The study of the connections between volcanism and geodynamically active processes, with a special concern for connections with major tectonic sutures; Nonlinear analysis of geodynamic systems;
* Tectonic hazard studies.



Real time electromagnetic monitoring of the seismic precursors in Vrancea zone

Interactive maps of latest earthquakes. Credit: http://www.emsc-csem.org/

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