Bucharest, ROMANIA, 14 - 16 May 2007

Programme & Poster List

Monday, May 14



  8:30-10:30               Registration

10:30-11:00               Opening ceremony

11:00-11:30               Coffee break

11:30-13:00               Oral presentations

11:30-11:50   M. Mandea, M. Korte, N. Olsen - Observatory data: quality and  use in repeat stations reduction

11:50-12:10   M. Korte, E. Thebault, M. Mandea - Repeat station crustal biasis and accuracy determined by regional field models

12:10-12:30   E. Thebault, A. Chulliat - French contribution to the European repeat station network - data modelling for crustal magnetic field studies

12:30-12:50  L. Beşuţiu, M. Orlyuk, I. Paskievich, V. Neaga, L. Atanasiu, V. Maksymchiuk, L. Zlăgnean, I. Ilieş - Near surface large scale geomagnetic mapping. Building up consistent geomagnetic models cross over the state borders

13:00-14:30               Lunch

14:30-16:00               Oral presentations

14:30-14:50   G. Verbanac, M. Korte, M. Mandea - Different approaches for removing the external field influences from the European geomagnetic observatory annual means

14:50-15:10  M. Delipetrev, S. Panovska, T. Delipetrov, B. Doneva, B. Delipetrov - Geomagnetic measurements of the net of repeat stations in the Republic of Macedonia

15:10-15:30  D. Popeskov, S. Mihajlovic, D. Zivkovic - Geomagnetic field measurement and repeat station on the territory of Serbia (and Montenegro) in the period 2005-2007

15:30-15:50  V. Maksymchuk, V. Tregubenko, Y. Horodyskyy, M. Orlyuk, E. Nakalov, I. Chobotok - Repeat stations measurements in Ukraine in 2006 year 


16:00-16:30               Coffee break

16:30-18:30               Poster session (including 5 minutes presentations)

19:00-21:00               Cocktail

Tuesday, May 15



  8:00-13:30               Excursion to the Surlari Geomagnetic Observatory
and to the Căldăruşani Monastery

13:30-15:00               Lunch

15:00-16:00               Oral presentations

15:00-15:20   S. Macmillan, T. Shanahan, S. Reay - Recent changes at World Data Centre for Geomagnetism (Edinburgh)

15:20-15:40   C. Demetrescu, V. Dobrica - An analysis of long-term variations of Sq and geomagnetic activity. Relevance in data reduction for crustal and main field studies

15:40-16:00   G. Duma - Geomagnetic variations and earthquake activity


16:00-16:30               Coffee break

16:30- 18:30              Discussion on specific topics

19:00-20:00               Concert


Wednesday, May 16


  9:00-10:30               Discussion on specific topics

10:30-11:00               Coffee break

11:00-13:00               Discussion on specific topics

13:00-14:30               Lunch







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  2. M. Brkić, D. Sugar - The 2004 Geomagnetic repeat station survey and normal field of Croatia - a national report
  3. Il. Cholakov, B. Serebrov - Repeat station network in Bulgaria
  4. A. Csontos, P. Kovacs, B. Heilg - Hungarian repeat station survey, 2006
  5. V. Dobrica, C. Demetrescu, M. Ene, A. Soare, G. Cucu - The 2006 geomagnetic repeat station survey - Romania
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