Contract no. 1028/19.01.2009
Programme: "IDEI"



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The project approaches some new and complex solutions for monitoring  the electromagnetic field variations, and it is centered on determination of the connections between the electromagnetic parameters (skew, strike and electrical anisotropy),  electrical  parameters (paralel and perpendicular resistivity), geomagnetic (Bzn invariant), and the evolution of some neliniar geodynamic processes occured due to landslides  associated to the earthquakes. Taking into account that, at present, there are not geophysical techniques known for assessing the landslide hazard  in real time, the innovating character  of this methodology is given both by a new parameter (Bzn) taken into account, invariant under circumstances of  geodynamic calm, that supplies in real time   information concerning the geodynamic evolution of the investigated zone, and the equation of this methodology that includes more electromagnetic techniques, then more parameters of which variations in time are systematically correlated and reported to various variables of the sinchronous seismic events. The investigation  at  any depth level and analysis of the anomalous  changes of the electromagnetic parameters, in the context  of some  more ample  information  concerning the  structure and geodynamic evolution of zone,  lead to a higher accuracy on the results related to the instability level in zone.  As the proposed theme also involves a systematic investigation of the relationships between  the landslides features and the characteristics of the synchronic earthquakes, by techniques applied synergically , a multiparametric monitoring in real time is one of the essential conditions to achieve this project. Thus, the applicable  research component  is applied in the Provita de Sus test- site, Prahova district, placed just close to the active fault with the same name, endowed with a modern and fiable equipment, adequate to this activity domain.  


Institute of Geodynamics “Sabba S. Stefănescu” of the Romanian Academy