Contract no. 1028/19.01.2009
Programme: "IDEI"



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    • The major objective consists in identifying an optimum solution for the landslides hazard assessment triggered by intermediate depth seismic events. Thus, four objectives will be achieved:
1) Studies concerning the interdependence between the electromagnetic parameters and associated non-linear geodynamic process (landslides and seismicity)

2) Electromagnetic studies related to the structural dimensionality of the investigated active zones

3) Theoretical and experimental studies to identify, eventually, to quantify the electromagnetic parameters in order to emphasize the geodynamic evolution of the Vrancea zone

4.Determination of the electromagnetic pattern in order to emphasize the geodynamic evolution in the test-zone;

5.Experimental studies in the test-zone in order to establish the inter-parametric characteristics of the two geodynamic processes;

6.Dissemination of the information.

Specific activities :

1.1. The theoretical multiparametric approach (skew, strike, electrical anisotropy,    and and  Bzn parameters) of the electromagnetic and geoelectric field anomalies, in order to emphasize the connection between the structure, evolution and geodynamic instability level

2.1. Electromagnetic tensor impedance decomposition in order to emphasize the structural dimensionality

3.1. Correlation of the electromagnetic, electric and geomagnetic parameters changes related to the various characteristics of the seismic events and the associated landslides;

3.2. Experimental field studies

4.1. Identification and, eventually, quantification of some parameters relevant for the seismic hazard and associated landslides

5.1. Space-temporal distribution of the natural hazard parameters due to the seismicity and associated landslides ;

5.2. Contribution of the electromagnetic data for establishing the hazard level of the seismic-induced landslide in the test-zone;

6.1. Presentation of the scientific communication at conferences;

6.2. Publications ISI and BDI



Institute of Geodynamics “Sabba S. Stefănescu” of the Romanian Academy